Kid's Farm Stay at Finca la Bonita

コスタリカの山奥にあるオーガニック農場で、子どもたちのファーム・キャンプ(5日間)を企画しました。 子どもも親たちも学びがいっぱい!

I've organized a 5-day Kid's Farm Stay at Finca la Bonita, near Nicoya, Costa Rica

Living together, sharing, laughing, studying.... learning Gardening - making soil, planting, harvesting....

And cooking & eating!

Cooking Costa Rica's traditional breakfast in Costa Rica. The parents enjoyed the stay too!

Everything done by hand...

in a beautiful tranquilo setting...

Fun times, and nature activities

Great wild hikes in the jungle

Lots of learning for both parents and kids... Muchas gracias, Esteban, Felipe, Jessica Hasta pronto!