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The Art of Communication

The Art of Communication -Yoga off the mat-

guided by Koko Niwa

Harmony Healing Center

June 10th Saturday 1pm-4pm $35 

Don’t we all face conflicts and communication challenges in our daily lives?  How do we stay present, non-judgemental, and hold space with loving care?  How can we practice  “yoga off the mat” in these situations?  Compassionate (Nonviolent) communication is a powerful language and process of connection and ways of being that brings forward our inner truth while caring for all. In this workshop, we explore and practice this “new language” to start cultivating presence and connection in our day-to-day interaction. You will be able to tune into what is going on around you, speak your truth, communicate in ways that can be heard and hear the innocence behind difficult messages from your friends, families, colleagues, and communities. All are most welcome, especially those who are facing communication and relationship challenges.