Costa de Lisboa

Today we went on a nice cruze with our rented car along the shore line of Atlantic ocean. This area is called “Costa do Sol” and has marvelous beach resorts along the way. We started from Oreias where our youth hostel is located, then to Estoril where a big casion is. Estoril used to be a place for secret diplomacy during World War II. No wonder it’s a sophisticated area with international touch.

estoril03.jpg Yummmm….. we had a little snack at Estoril. The pasteries and cakes in Portugal are so good! Famous ones in this area are “Queijada” using cheese for cream, and “Traveseiro” meaning “pillow” in Portugese.



Then we visited Sintra, a beautiful old town, which is the National Heritage site of UNESCO. We didn’t get there early enough to check out the “Castelo dos Mouros” nor “Palacio da Pena” which is said to have a spectacular view of the city and the Atlantic ocean. We might check it out on our way back after going south of Portugal.

sintra05.jpgThen we moved on to “Praia das macas” and “Azenhas do Mar.” All the places have stunning views of the Atlantic ocean. All the sailers including Vas co Dagams went out to explore the world from here…..

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