Traditional Japanese Farming "NINJA" boots - Selling with Love!

As one stream of revenue and practice of small local heart-full business here in Costa Rica, I've imported Japanese traditional farming boots called "JIKA TABI" and started selling them online, at shops, and at markets. 


I've decided to do this, first of all, because I LOVE THEM! They are so comfortable, really like walking bare foot. The split toes gets you the grip so you always feel like catching the ground. The rubber is super soft, so that's another reason it's sooo comfortable.

Second of all, they last for a long time. It is well made with rubber and canvas - very durable. 

Thrid of all, because A LOT of people come to me and say "Hey! they look so cool! Where can I get them?" I (and also my friends) think they look super funky! 

But the biggest reason why I'm sharing this shoes, is that JIKA TABI is very unique and authentic to Japanese culture, which I adore. From hundred years ago, Japanese farmers and construction workers wore them on daily bases. During traditional festivals, people wore them too. Look at these buckles. It's a way to make these boots fit individual's foot shape. It is truly a style that has cultivated over many years in Japan with lots of practical experiences, wisdom, and love!

The old good tradition remains, and recently, JIKA TABI has hit the street, and coming into fashion as well. 

JIKA TABI is good for gardening, farming, hiking, biking, construction work, heavy duty stuff like walking in the dessert, and also for town use, and parties. Try one pair, and you will not be able to take them off!


At the moment, they are sold at an organic conscious shop called IRIRIA TIENDA VERDE in San Jose. It's run by a warm hearted lady called Garneisha, and have lots of goodies & yummies, so please go check them out! Not farm from San Jose city center, very close to Hospital Calderon Guardia.


Sometimes I also appear with my TABI's at Feria Verde, a big organic market in San Jose every Saturday, and also at Farmer's Market every Saturday afternoon at Sekret Spot, Nosara.

There are 5 types, and comes with different sizes. One pair is $50-70 approximately. Please do contact me if you are interested, and I will be happy to share my love of JIKA TABI - so called NINA BOOTS with you!

NEGRO.... pure black. simple & stylish. Authentic Japanese hooks.
RAYA..... navy with stripes. comes with authentic Japanese hooks. & black. the toe part is stronger than others. suitable for heavy duty work. easy velcro type.
BRILLANTE....pure black. semi-water proof. comes with the authentic Japanese hooks.
MAGIC.... navy. easy velcro type. most sold!


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