Boom Festival 2004

travel - 旅 Aug 31, 2004





boom09.jpgWe have joined to gather in the “BOOM festival 2004″ held at Idanha-a-Nova lake, Portugal, Aug 26th-31st. The site was located in a very dry area, and the sun was extremely strong, but we could swim in the beautiful lake during the day. What a magnificant and international party! It was very well organized, more than 20,000 people gathering. We were amazed how sophisticated the trance scene is in Portugal and Spain. Very nice and wild crowd! The music was all the way progressive, and the last DJ (Nerd from Scotland?) was rocking.

Old and New friends from all over the world!!!
Portugal (Matilde, Hugo, Gig), Barcelona (Jack, Alon), Spain (Gitika and Gary), Israel (Ner, Dor, Coby), South America (Bettie), Croatia girls, Iran, Japan (Koichi, Kemuri crew, Bone couple, Maki, Shin, Mimuro, Yuki, Yona, Wow-san, etc), London (Argentina comic bag girl, Simon), UK(Steve starbucks), Germany (Benedickt, Hana), Holland, Phillipines (Chang, Alan), Hawaii (Sky, Jennifer, Rachell), San Franciso (Steve and the eclipse crew, CCC, Daren), NY, Greece, India (Alice, Laurent the drummer), Bayron Bay (Kazz, Tess and others), Canada (Linda the yoga teacher)


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