NVC (Nonviolent Communication ) and empathy training with Francois Beausoleil

Note: Apology : this workshop has been cancelled

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8/25  NVC Fundamentals & Empathic Presence 1 day workshop 
8/26  Empathic Leadership for business and organisational leaders
9/1, 2 Empathic Coaching Intensive 

Francois Beausoleil, certified NVC trainer from Canada is coming to Japan this summer to give several workshops around the theme of empathy.  Empathy is considered to be the crucial skill to navigate in our times to foster connection, self-healing, and empowerment.  Don’t miss this chance to learn from Francois who is considered to be the  “Empathic King.”  Please contact Koko for inquires and to reserve your spot.  All the workshops will be held in English and Japanese and lead by Francois and Koko.   [email protected] 

what is empathy anyway? watch how Brene Brown explains it.



François Beausoleil has a distinguished reputation as a trainer, communications consultant, and executive coach specializing in Communication Skills, Collaboration, Resilience, Career Savvy, and Creating High Performance Teams. François has worked with organizations throughout United States, Canada, Europe, and Mexico, and regularly visits Asia where he offers trainings in Korea, China, Japan and Taïwan. 

François is highly skilled at helping participants discover and transcend internal and external barriers so that they can live from a more fully empowered state.  His previous career was a musician with Cirque de Soleil – he brings creativity and music into the rooms and hearts wherever he shares his work.  He has an MBA from Sherbrooke University in Quebec and has been a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2008.  

In 2014, he wrote the book, “The Blame-Free State,” and has been helping people moving out of blame for others and themselves in several countries since then. 


NVC Fundamentals and Empathic Presence 1 day workshop

Date : Aug 25th (Sat) 10am-5pm
Investment : 12,000 yen
Place : To be announced in Tokyo



This interactive and fun workshop is designed to provide participants with NVC (Nonviolent Communication) basics and empathic presence. We will practice the main guidelines related to offering empathic responses which includes : 

  • avoiding non-empathic responses
  • empathic listening
  • empathic reflections
  • empathic expressions
  • offering deeper verbal empathy
  • empathic probing questions
  • mourning

We will also learn : 

  • how to navigate the main challenges that might occur when offering an empathic responses
  • how to stay calm when receiving hard to hear messages
  • how to deal when someone is not available to talk to or when the person is mostly silent
  • what to do when you're stimulated or triggered
  • how to deal with your fears of doing it "wrong"
  • how to express what's present for you when someone is in pain or angry
  • when and how to disengage from the conversation

This program is designed for : 

  • Coaches or people interested in coaching
  • Counsellors or therapists
  • NVC learners or practitioners
  • Anyone who believes in the power of empathy and want to learn how to move from the concept to the application of it


  • None, although having had an introduction to NVC is helpful

Empathic Leadership Foundations 1 day workshop

Date : Aug 26th (Sun) 10am-5pm
Investment : 22,000 yen
Place : To be announced in Tokyo



This workshop is geared towards business people and leaders in organisations. Through this workshop participant will learn:

▲ Intrapersonal skills
・How to maximize presence and calm by using the Empathic Self-Regulation Technique ----  Simply put, under the growing pressure that many of us face professionally and personally, stress has become an omnipresent reality. Stress and overwhelm are detrimental to our health, overall well-being and effectiveness (the vast majority of mistakes happens when we're highly stressed). The Empathic Self-Regulation Technique leverages the power of empathy (turned inwards) to help us move to presence and calm and (re)connect us with our values at any given moment.

・How to make non-reactive personal decisions through the Empathic Decision-Making Process ---  We constantly make decisions. The Empathic Decision-Making Process provides a road-map to non-reactive personal decisions that are likely to honour the big picture, the "greater good" and are based on reality as opposed to distorted stories we tell ourselves.

▲ Interpersonal skills

Empathic Listening as a way to de-escalate tensions and move towards collaborative solutions --- Dialogues can only be productive when there is a real exchange of information happening; therefore, listening, taking in what the other say, is crucial. A connecting dialogue goes beyond that; it involves mutual understanding.  Empathic Listening offers the potential to understand others, and also give them a sense of being gotten, which provides an adequate foundation for crafting mutually beneficial solutions.

・How to offer Empathic Feedback so that difficult issues can be addressed, resulting in improved behaviours while protecting the relationships --- One of the most difficult thing in our lives has to do with talking to others about things we're not happy with, without creating defensiveness and damaging the relationship.  In this context, people are most of the time either avoiding these conversations or having them in an unskilled way. Building on the three topics covered previously in the Program, the Empathic Feedback approach offers a framing designed to make it possible to be honest, and respectful, so that difficult issues can be addressed successfully.

What is Empathic Leadership?

Empathic Leadership is an approach to leadership that includes empathy as a foundational aspect of how relationships are held and individual and collective decisions are made. Watch Simon Sinek talk about it in a very easy understandable way. 

How is it taken in the world now?

here are a few examples:
▲One of Nadella’s first acts after becoming Microsoft's CEO, in February 2014, was to ask the company’s top executives to read Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication, a treatise on empathic collaboration (Harry McCracken, Fast Company)

▲"Behind every successful business, you are likely to find a leader who has mastered the skill of empathy" (Jayson Boyers, President and CEO of Cleary University)  

▲ "One of the hallmarks of a successful business is its ability to harness creativity to constantly push into new territory. Without growth and innovation, businesses stagnate and eventually fade away. Those with staying power, however, have mastered an intangible, often overlooked factor that allows them to focus on the future with clarity: empathy. " (Ashoka, Forbes Magazine) 

▲“Corporate empathy” was easy to ignore in the past. But social media and an increasing desire from Millennials for meaning and authenticity at work have turned everything upside down. We, as customers and employees, demand a human face from the companies we interact with. Companies can no longer get away with just providing goods and services. We expect suppliers and employers to deliver their messages with humanity and authenticity — with personality and feeling. In other words, with empathy." (Belinda Parmar, founder and CEO of advocacy agency Lady Geek and creator of the Lady Geek Global Empathy Index.)

▲Thanks to Google’s decision to share its internal research, we have a better understanding of what makes a team excel: empathy. The tech company studied hundreds of its teams as part of a research initiative called Project Aristotle. The most successful groups shared these two characteristics:

    1    People were skilled at reading emotions based on nonverbal cues. If a team member appeared uneasy with a decision, it was likely noticed and discussed. If someone appeared down, others showed concern and support. Those conversations are not always easy, but they’re important. They allow us to be authentic and engaged.

    2    Each person spent roughly the same amount of time speaking during conversations. This practice reflects a shared belief that everyone has something valuable to contribute. And when everyone shares their knowledge and ideas, the group’s collective intelligence grows. That leads to better results. 


“Francois saved us more than $500,000 in a single meeting” – Gary Snider, COO Center for Elders' Independence
“Francois helped us turn a 4-hour regular meeting into a 1 hour meeting with the same results”- Rick Keller, CEO _Freight Americ
"The best training we ever had", Katherine Marshall, Regional General Counse, Belron Internationa



  • Taking the NVC Fundamentals and Empathic Presence 1 day workshop is suggested 


Believing that empathy is the fundamental skill and awareness to foster connection, honesty, and authenticity in any organisations, thus leading to increasing productivity and performances, we are excited to share this well-received workshop with people in Japan. 


The Empathic Coaching 3 months Intensive

Date: Sept - Nov, 2018
Place:  Sept 1st, 2nd 10am - 5 pm Place to be announced in Tokyo
Sept 6th, 29th, Oct 4th, 18th, Nov 1st - Online 75 minutes video calls, 9 - 10:15pm Japan time
Investment : 80,000 yen  


Empathic Coaching is a new modality which Francois created, combining the core practice of NVC (Nonviolent Communication) empathic listening, with aspects of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and core life coaching skills. Skillfully woven together, these practices combine to create this new modality.

In this 3-month Program, participants will learn:

  • The Mindset of an Empathic Coach: Understanding how people change and why they don’t always manage
  • How to offer empathic responses to clients, helping them to have a sense of being heard and understood, and to create inner spaciousness
  • How to clarify what the clients really wants, and uncover what is truly holding them back through The 6 core Empathic Coaching questions 
  • How to empower people in relation to their fears and limiting beliefs.
  • How to increase our clients' freedom through working with their future versions
  • How to help people create more connection and alignment inside themselves through a process called Self-Integration
  • How to use all the Empathic Coaching material in a self-coaching manner

Participants will also have the opportunity to receive coaching and work on personal issues during the Program. They will also have access to a class website where useful resources will be gathered, including recordings of sessions.


  • 2-day intensive Tokyo, Sept 1st and 2nd 10am - 5pm - These two days will be the kick-off for a 3-month Program, designed to support integration of the Empathic Coaching material.
  • Five 75 min. Video Conferences (every other week -Sept 6th, 29th, Oct 4th, 18th, Nov 1st - 9 - 10:15pm Japan time)
  • Participants will be placed in practice groups, meeting once a week

After this training, participants will be able to start using the Empathic Coaching mindsets and roadmaps that Francois uses with his clients and with himself, as a way to move towards personal liberation. This is a must skill for any thriving coaches and councellor who wish to make profound and lasting changes in clients lives. 

Holding excitement and hope to spread this awareness
this summer in Japan
love Francois and Koko


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